Fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, thought they could return to their regular lives when they found the 39 clues that safeguard their family's great power. But they were wrong. Powerful enemies -the Vespers- have been waiting in the shadows. And they'll stop at nothing to grab the clues. Four powerhouse authors unite to expose the 500 year old secret struggle between the Cahills and Vespers. The Vespers are rising...and the world is in jeopardy.


Vespers Rising is the go-between for both the Clue Hunt and Cahills vs. Vespers series. It is a collection of four short stories by the authors Rick Riordan, Peter Lerangis, Gordon Korman, and Jude Watson.

Vespers Rising

Vespers Rising

The first short story is by Rick Riordan and is set on Gideon Cahill's island in Ireland during 1507. There we meet Damien Vesper, once a friend of Gideon, and how they became enemies. This short story also describes how the four children seperated and left Olivia Cahill on the island after her husband died in the fire.

The second story is by Peter Lerangis and is set in 1526 and is in 19 year old Madeleine Cahill's Point of View. Madeleine is the daughter Olivia was preganant with during the time of the fire that killed Gideon and seperated her 4 oldest children.

Madeleine had been taught by her mother how to fight and defend herself, and gave her promises to keep.
  1. Keep Fathers ring safe
  2. Never let anyone abuse the powers of the 39 clues
  3. Unite the Cahill's when the time is right.
This is how the Madrigal branch was founded, and since Madeleine's attempt to reveal herself to Luke didn't wor
V's rising
k, she must have decided working in secret was neccessary.

The 3rd story is by Gordon Korman and is set in Grace Cahill's Point of View in 1942. She's a young lady during the war talking care of her baby brother and neing nagged by her older sister Beatrice. She finds a person flashing something in morse code, and sets off to complete the mission and fufill her legacy as a Madrigal, despite everyone elses wishes. Grace discovers that General Patton is a Vesper, and that they are starting to strike again.

The fourth story in Vespers Rising is by Jude Watson and takes place in present time, with Amy and Dan Cahill has the main characters. They go to Swenden to pick up a ring that has been mentioned in each short story, and encounter an attack from the Wyomings, two Vespers that almost end up killing them both. They live, and keep the ring though, and Amy decides to hide it in plain sight, by using it as a part of her watch.

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