On August 13th, 2013 Admin Jen T. posted on an urgent thread about the new Scholastic Plus, a way for agents to log in under the same username and password for the 39 Clues, Infinity Ring, and Spirit Animals websites.

Here will be a list of Agents who have had their agent names changed. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of agents on the Message Board, and while we will try to get all usernames recorded here, it might not of been seen yet by editors.

For further help, this is ordered by branch and then alphabetically by old agent name.

Janus AgentsEdit

AgentArmy302 to DragonNinja44

AgentCobra2020 to InfiltratingElf2

AgentWise50 to DawnHydra3

AmethystChurch2 to SagaWriter14

AquaDolphin117 to GriffinHeart9

BaseballWriting1 to BaseballFootball165

BookBlack10 to CrazyLlama23

CatFlying11 to DreamtimeHeroine2

DeviousLord8 to EmeraldAnubis36

GoldGerbil8 to ZeusAthena56

GoldSparrow25 to SilverWolf255

HorsePink30 to HoneydewHurricane4

LavenderArt16 to LavenderMusic40

PrivateSly9 to SkaterDreamer5

ReadingBeliever1 to FootballDevious21

SilverThorn23 to FieryAngel14

SteelBone2 to LokiFire3

Ekaterina AgentsEdit

AmberDragon729 to AmberDragon361

AmbitiousAqua161 to RubyLavender14

BulldogAmber264 to VolcanoLynx9

BreakingAgressive124 to EpicTroll9

CaringGold1 to ZeusBrain24

CatArobatics29 to CatArobatics110

CatSecret9 to CatSparrow15

ClassifiedEvil4 to InkForest13

DetectiveGirl3 to DarkQueen30

DolphinAgent59 to AthenaArtemis260

DolphinDolphin122 to DolphinDolphin1379

EkaterinaAgent272 to AwesomeMusician199

FireHistory1 to FireHistory11

JourneyHideout1 to BlueDevious1

LieutenantEkaterina13 to BookishHermes2

LordAssassin246 to LightningDragon264

PuppyReading28 to MoonlightScientist7

ReadingLavender9 to AmusedActor19

Lucian AgentsEdit

AnalyzingBaseball14 to FireIce18

BearBlack94 to StuffedNinja4567

BoneArt9 to FrostyFairy69

BrilliantCobra114 to YellowPenguin37

BrilliantStanding1 to BrilliantStanding39

CelebratingCatching60 to AthenaIsis60

ClassifiedEncoding15 to LightningNinja11

CobraRed30 to AwesomeNinja30

CommanderLucian12 to DarkFire225

DecodingAzure15 to RedSad3

DecodingScarlet5 to DecodingScarlet7

DolphinScarlet3 to AphroditeCyclops14

GirlHorse5 to SnakeNebula10

HurricaneBlack4 to AutumnVolcan3

HurricaneMystery2 to PhoenixHeatwave15

InvestigateCorporal1 to GhostBrigadier1

RacoonBook1 to RacoonWave4

RedPuppy47 to RedPuppy47

SecretEmerald15 to SparklyTurquoise11

TopazDragon105 to OsirisPhoenix39

WolfLucian2 to TealWolf28

Ghostbrigadier1 to Ghostsurfer1

Tomas AgentsEdit

AquaLion35 to AquaLion130

AstronomyCastle6 to Mermancentaur2

BearAstronomy1 to DawnBlizzard8

BlueDolphin595 to SneakyGirl1

FireDragon113 to FireDragon795

KittenArcade1 to SurvivingHydra10

SwordBaseball3 to TummyLlama1

TomasWolf7 to vampiremidnight25

Vesper AgentsEdit

BandArt9 to AuthorDragon9

BlackWolf360 to CrimsonWings23

CatBlack242 to DragonFire370

EmeraldCobra502 to StormFire17

FieryAssassin55 to WinterEyes10

MonkeyLucian1 to SpyMonkey12

SpiritedRouge3 to SurvivingAngel4

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