One False Note was written by Gordon Korman.

The book starts of
f  by Amy and Dan going to Vienna with their new 'Au Pair' only to discover that the clue that they went after in Anna Mozart's diary pages were stolen by Jonah Wizard before they got there.

They follow Jonah to Venice, where they penetrate a Janus stronghold, after finding the missing diary pages, Amy and Dan uncover crucial information about Marie Antionette and her famous saying, 'Let them eat cake.'

Afterwards they encounter Ian and Natalie Kabra and play some Mozart, be sure to read through to this explosive ending.

Audio book It looks cool.

Back Of CoverEdit

The race is on to find the 39 Clues that safeguard a great power, and fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, are shocked to find themselves in the lead. The seach seems to be taking them to Vienna, and they hold a coded piece of Mozart's sheet music that's the key to finding the next Clue. But tailed by a pack of power-hungry relatives, Amy and Dan can't see if they are sailing toward victory- or straight into a trap.

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