Natalie Kabra

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Vikram Kabra                                                                    Isabel Kabra                                                              Ian Kabra

L crest

Natalie Kabra is a L
Natalie Kabra 3
ucian Agent with  high prestige. Her father is the Leader of the Lucian Branch, and has considerable amount of wealth. She lives in her mansion in England with her brother, trainers and security poodles. Many regular people would consider her to be stuck up, and her favorite quote is “I will not be triumphed over.”—Cleopatra. In the clue hunt, she made a team with her older brother Ian, who both had been training with the best Lucian trainers. She knew how to shoot a dart gun, crack codes, and deliver poison if needed. Natalie could also lie deceivingly well if need be.
Natalie Kabra 4

Throughout the series Natalie's choice weapon is a dart gun full of poison that could either kill you or knock you out.

In Into the Gauntlet, Natalie and Ian decide that they don't want to be associated with their mother anymore, and disown her. While actually in the gauntlet, Natalie almost falls off a sheer drop down a cliff, and later gets shot in the foot by her own mother.

There have been times shown in the series that while Natalie hates her mother, she stll misses shopping with her, and that is how she got captured. By going to her and Isabel's favorite store.

In the second series, Natalie is taken as one of the seven hostages and looses her attitude early one from lack of new clothes, and contact with the outside world. She is made useful and takes a bullet out of Nellie's shoulder early on in the series, and in the last book, is unfortunately killed while trying to fight for her freedom and in the fight to save the world from the Vespers.
Natalie Kabra 1
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