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The fifth lucian council has just been elected.

 Leader(s) (1-2):

Montego/CommanderLucian12 & Jessica/AwesomeNinja30-The Burning Blu DreamTeam

VP(s) (1-2): William/ClassifiedCat40 & Red/RedPuppy47-The Burning Blu DreamTeam

Spy Representatives (2): Kade/ArrowWind14 James/FireIce18

Codebreaker Representatives (2): Divyang/AnubisArriving8 Cali/OsirisPhoenix39

Assassin Representatives (2): Nick/BrilliantStanding39 Phillip/SneakySly2

Secretary (1): Irini/AmberProud14

Ambassadors (2): Kathy/SneakyGirl1 Naomi/EmeraldCaptain12

Advisor (1): Kazey/AphroditeCyclops14

Commander: Christine/DuchessTiger12



The 4th Lucian CouncilEdit

After the 3rd Lucian Council fell apart, elections where planned. They consisted of four rounds, Nominations, two Voting rounds, and the Results. There was some conflicts before the first round was put up, so three different Nomination rounds where made. After that, everything went as organized. Once positions are all cleared up, they shall be put on this page.

The 3rd Lucian CouncilEdit

The third Lucian Council.

Leader: Madi (WolfAmethyst163) & Maleia (AmazingAble44)

Vice Leader: Joe (FightingCobra225) & William (ClassifiedCat40)

Secretary: Mary (ArrowStrong100)

Spy: Jessica (CobraRed30) & Eli (CobraAzure40)

Code-Breaker: Naomi (EmeraldCaptain12) & Irini (AmberProud9)

  • Maleia
  • Madi
  • William
  • Joe
  • Mary
  • Jessica
  • Eli
  • Naomi
  • Irini
  • Rebekah
  • Montego
  • Larry
  • James

Ambassador: Rebekah (DarkTiger40)

Commander: Montego (CommanderLucian12)

Assassin: Larry (FlyingSilver2) & Seeker (BlackDragon1474) Sierra (LlamaAmbitious1)

Advisor: Carla (EmeraldMaze45)

Lieutenant: James (AnalyzingBaseball14)

Seeker, a.k.a BlackDragon1474 had been replaced with Sierra, a.k.a LlamaAmbitious1 because of Seeker's absence during the elections.

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