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Fourteen year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, have had enough. Not only do th
Into The Gauntlet
ey have to find the 39 Clues first, they're expected to reunite their backstabbing family- the same people who have killed ther parents. But Amy and Dan haven't survived explosions and assassination attempts for nothing. They have a plan to finish the Clue hunt o their own terms. Too bad there's a final, fatal secret the Madrigals haven't told them. A secret that could cost Amy and Dan- and the world- everything....


Set in England, the Cahill children follow a lead from one of the most profound writers ever, William Shakespear. The other teams are getting antsy though, and they all are on the chase for what could be the last clue. All figure out a way to make it to the Cahill Island, and once inside the Gauntlet, there is no turning back.

In the Gauntlet, the Cahill's, Kabra's, Wizard, Holt, Oh, and Starling meet their worst enemy, Isabel Kabra, Ian and Natalie's mother who had taken the Lucian Serum, and who held the only weapon.

One by one they were forced to give the clues to Isabel, who wrote them all down and created the master serum. Fighting ensued, and Isabel was knocked out, they were safe.

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All of the younger generations of the teams (and Alistair) decided to give the serum to Dan and Amy, who had shown their humanity during the fight by NOT going after the serum after it fell out of Isabels hands. The two were shocked. They had won the Clue Hunt.

Once out of the Gauntlet, and desendant of Jane, Luke, Katherine, and Thomas was gone, McIntyre and Fiske broke the news to Amy and Dan that there would be a worse threat, a secret organization hiding in the background that was ready to pounce at any moment, and they needed to be ready for it.

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