Ian Kabra

Father   --- Vikram Kabra                                                                                                                          

Mother  --- Isabel Kabra                                                        

Sister   --- Natalie Kabra

Ian Kabra 1

Ian Kabra a wealthy Lucian 14 year old boy whose father is the head of the Lucian Branch. Born in England, he lives in his mansion with his sister, trainers, and security poodles. He has has the best Lucians trainers train him for the clue hunt, and is a professional on the field. Codes, lying, and chess is his game, and he can usually tell when someone is going to fake him out.

Ian and Natali
Ian Kabra 2
e, his sister, became a team on the hunt for the Clues, though their mother had joined in the second book. Isabel is probably the only person Ian Kabra has ever shown fear towards. That fear turns to anger in the series, Cahill vs. Vespers. His views changed in Into the Gauntlet, where he realized that
Ian Kabra 3

1)He didn't want to be associated with his mother, and

2)He didn't believe he was ready and fit for the serum, a drink that would make him the most powerful person in the world.

He became a Madrigal, and in the next series, he was in the Cahill Command Center, working with Evan trying to find information on the Vespers, though it was obvious he would much rather be out in the field.

L crest

On The Message Board...

Ian Kabra has posted seven threads on the Message Board, all listed below. One of them seems to have been an accident, and has been locked.

I'm working harder than you are


Scurrilous lies!

Gift Suggestions

In my defense


Dan's girlfriend

"Dan's girlfriend" is the most recent, while "I'm working Harder than you are" is his very first.

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