Ekaterina Council ~ Fun and Help for All!Edit

Hi, I'm Rosie, the Ekaterina Co- Leader! Welcome to the page that is all about the Ekat Council! I am happy to announce, that to this day, the Ekats have not had a rebellion, a major fight, and over all, we are being very well behaved. Unlike some of the Councils at the moment. If you are an Ekat, and are not in the council, then I would love for you to run in the Ekaterina Council Elections on February 1st! :) Please check out this link to learn out more about the Elections! Ekaterina Elections
Ekaterina Crest

Rosie, Ekaterina Co-Leader


  • AmbitiousAmenthyst47/Rosie
  • EaglePurple20/Miks

Vice LeaderEdit

  • GadgetGirl11/Violet
    • Rosie
    • Miks
    • Vi
    • Star
    • Rob
    • Bella
    • Emily
    • Amber
    • Em
    • Charli7e


  • CovertMyster4/Star


  • MadrigalClassified1/Rob
  • EkaterinaPinki8/Bella


  • AmberAqua91/Emily
  • CodeCaptain2/Amber


  • AgentEkaterina318/EM
  • LightningCatacombs1/Charliz7e

Honorary Council MembersEdit

  • BreakingAggressive224/Ben
  • Kim
  • Nate
  • Cea-Cea
  • Destiney
  • Ashley
    Ekaterina Crest
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