So, here on this wiki, we are going to have one rule: NO BRICK THROWING. Other than that, there are no rules!   Just everyone use common sense, and be mature. There is no rule against swearing, but if someone offends anyone on chat(swearing or not swearing), the person will be kicked or banned by a user not involved in the argument. If two or more people explode on chat, and seem to be getting interrupting the peace of other chatters, both users will be banned or kicked by someone not involved. Also, if a user trolls ( i.e. being annoying, frustrating, many many times), spams ( Our definition of spam is many characters used repeatedly)without a reason, and does so to be annoying, or denigrates anyone, an Admin or chatmod will kick them. If they user does it four times after that, he or she will banned for two hours. Otherwise there should be no kicks or bans.

Just a message to all you complainers out there: Suck it up, and move on. If you don't like the way this wiki works, get over it and try to enjoy yourself, or just leave the wiki. After all, what is the point of coming here if only to complain? It's rediculous. If everyone in the world was nice and perfectly respectful and sensitive about everything someone said, we'd all be dying from how utterly annoying it was. So you can't honestly say that you ACTUALLY care that much about whatever happens on chat that isn't seen if you're still here to complain and start a fight.

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