Founder: Luke Cahill

Current Branch Leader: Vikram Kabra

Lucian dude

Throughout the first series, Lucians were deemed as ruthless killers who used sabotage and played dirty to get what they wanted, and the other branches fearful of them. They weren't that far off.


Lucians do not play fair. In fact, they don't play at all. Lucians work. The double-headed snake twisted around a single sword is the offical crest of the Lucians, because Lucians are experts in codes, poison, sabotage, and lying. The crest has gone through many changes, but it always includes the double-headed snake.

In the books, the Lucian Leader pick their successor to avoid many unneeded deaths in an election, which would most likely happen because Lucians are natural leaders and crave for the power of leadership. Most Lucians go into politics or business as a career choice and with good strategy usually come out on top. Many Presidents, Kings, Queens, and Prime Ministers have been Lucians.

There would be a section for their weapons and codes, but the Lucian creating this article is very secretive about her branch and feel like she's given away too much already. But if you must know, the weapons are usually silent, small, and unknown to you until you've gotten hit.
Luke Cahill

Luke Cahill, the original founder of the Lucian Branch, was born in 1484. He had a thin and wiry frame, almost like a snake, and tended to make others uncomfortable. Luke liked to sneak around to be fully informed.  When he was given his portion of the serum and the other Cahill children left, he traveled to England with the dreams of creating a big empire. The only thing he needed was the rest of the clues. Luke sent spies and others to collect the clues, telling them to stop at nothing to get them.

The Lucian clues consist of Iron Solute, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Clover, Blood, Amber, and Mint.

Some Lucians in the books include: Irina Spasky (R.I.P), Ian Kabra, Natalie Kabra, Isabel Kabra, Vikram Kabra, Luke Cahill, Winthrop Cahill and some random guys in the first book, Maze of Bones, that chased the Cahills in Paris, France.

Users on the Message Board who are Lucians are, but is not limited to: AgentCobra26,AmazingAble44, AnalyzingBaseball14, BoatFighting2, CleverCourier15, CleverOutsmarting11, CobraAzure40,CobraRed30, CommanderLucian12, DarkTiger40,EmeraldCaptain12, FightingCobra225, and many, many others.


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