Founder: Katherine Cahill

Current Branch Leader: Alistair Oh

Ekaterinas, often called Ekats, are the branch of the Cahill family that decsended Katherine Cahill. She was the second child of Gideon and Olivia, their first daughter. After she left the Cahill island and departed from her younger brother, Thomas, she became an Egyptologist and learned to read heiroglyphs before anyone else offically could.  Ekaterinas are the genious of the family, and gold is their associated color

Some of the famous Ekat's through the centuries have included, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstien, Jude Watson, Marie Curie, the Wright Brothers, and the list goes on. They have created most of our most used and most needed inventions today like antibotics, but they have also created weapons of mass destruction like the atomic bomb.

Leadership within the books usually passed down to family members instead of election like on the Message Board. The Ekaterina crest is a dragon to represent the branches creativity and fierceness to get what they want.The current leader of the Ekaterina Branch is unknown to us.

Ekaterina Crest

 On the Message Board, Rosie and Miks are the Leaders of the Ekaterina Branch. There are elections going on at the moment, though, so the Leadership on the Message Board will be changing.

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